Friday, November 20, 2009

Airbrushed Face

My latent search in life is for makeup that will make my skin look flawless. Maybe its because I've always had freckles and dreamt of porcelain smooth skin. Maybe it's because my own mother's skin is so incredible. Maybe its because I want to be pretty- darn it!

So upon purchase of some fancy-shmancy-guaranteed-to-give-you-flawless-skin-and-last-all-day makeup (aka Illuminare semi-matte foundation), I found myself struggling to get that same pristine finish I got in the store. You see, I decided after spending way too much on foundation- I should skimp on the application tools. I like to be cheap 99% of the time. In this case, I might have picked the wrong time.

Much personal research and discussion with make artists ensued. And ultimately, I've come away with my two favorite tips for foundation application.
- Apply moisturizers generously immediately before the foundation
- Use a foundation brush like this one from Sonia Kashuk (available at Target for $15)                                              
Not only will you get a smooth and poreless appearance, but it's kind of fun to paint on your foundation. It feels like a craft, and I love feeling crafty.

Any brush will work, as long as it is small, synthetic hairs (to keep from absorbing the product) and is somewhat flat with tapered bristles. Hey- us mamas have to have a way to stay fresh. You know, in case hubby ever decides to take us out. Or the new UPS guy is cute!

Stay Sane,
Kris Cabe

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A Lady Of A Certain Age

Whenever I think of shapewear (think: girdles) I remember this scene from Steel Magnolias:
Truvy:Well, these thighs haven't gone out of the house without lycra on them sice I was 14.

Clairee: You were brought up right.

I was only 9 when the movie was released, but for some reason that scene stuck with me. You know how it is when you're young and watching a movie that dispenses advice on womanhood. You absorb every scene and store it for future reference. (Wait, maybe that's just me).
As I got older I realized that (at least in California) girls don't wear girdles. Teens don't wear girdles either (or pantyhose!)  In fact, young nubile hotties have no need for support garments. They have no need to worry about VPL (visible panty lines) or the jiggle exposed by a thong. Those worries are for much, much older women.
Well, that was then.  Because I'm here to tell you that either I've gotten old*, or the rules are changing (or haven't you heard). Even size fours are wearing the latest and greatest in shapewear (size 4s- didn't you hear?) Well, at least the celebrities are...
Shut, up. It's how I get through the day.
So I broke down and purchased my first Spanx.

See look, I told you skinny women wear them.
I'm a believer. These things are perfect with my new favorite jeans that cause mommy-muffin-top. They smooth me out under my new navy dress that is so very Mad Men. They substitute as panties- eliminating the VPL and the jiggle. And they do this all with a discrete crotch opening that allows for answering nature without emerging sweaty from the bathroom tug of war.
In fact, I love them so much... that I'm awaiting the chance to purchase its cousin:

Mama Spanx!
... Hey, you know you dream of the perfect "all baby" baby bump where the rest of you looks so svelte and so impossibly un-bloated.
*Just stick with option 2
Stay sane,
Kris Cabe

Keeping Clean

All our darlings eventually decide they no longer need our help, or our spoons thank-you-very-much. When that day comes, it is what I like to call "the end of the outfit".

Now, I'm by no means a neatnik. Promise. I let the dogs do most of my prewashing. But every now and then you actually dress Little Man in an outfit you don't want marinara sauce to permanently turn orange. And that is when these little babies are a God Send:

In case it's not quite clear- these are bibs. But really, they're more like smocks. Just long enough to cover to the forearms, and they velcro around the neck. They're made of a water-repelent material which means- NO WASHING MACHINE NEEDED! I can honestly rinse them and re-use them. (Okay, if I'm being really honest- I mostly shake them out and lay them over the highchair).

I know what you're thinking- they look ridiculous. They must be a pain to put on. They must be expensive. And to that I answer: yes, no, and NO! A two-pack is only $3.99 which is amazing when a regular old plastic bib will run $7 at your local Babies R Us.

My BFF would recommend it to me again and again.... and I finally relented. Rach, I'm so glad I did. You were right. They're amazing.

Stay Sane,

Kris Cabe

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Baby Carrying


First off, I KNOW many of you have your favorite baby carrier. There are many, in all shapes and sizes- to fit all lifestyles and phases of "crunchiness". Don't email, I get it. (Or maybe do email, but don't be too bossy- okay?)

To simplify things for those of you who are lost, I'm gonna break it down into my personal favorite methods of carrying baby- from birth to 40lbs! Ready? Go!

For tiny babies that love to snuggle and feel warmth- you can't beat the Moby. It allows you to wear your baby close to your body in a variety of ways. The fabric is soft and stretchy and all around you just feel like you could be one with nature while wearing it. See?

That said, you will be VERY one with nature if you try wearing this to your local Babies R Us... excuse me, I mean... uh- CO-OP. As in, the almost 10 yards of fabric will find every pebble, puddle and chewed gum piece on the sidewalk.

So, if you'd NOT like to introduce your newborn to every piece of bacteria in the parking lot. I highly recommend the tried and true Bjorn for the early months. My personal favorite is the Bjorn synergy- which offers lumbar support AND breathable fabric. It costs more but is so worth it in my opinion. Especially in the hotter months, or if you have a delicate back like I do.

Even this dad likes it. And the baby looks happy so it must be good. I should tell you now that all these photos are snatched shamelessly from their prospective websites. Yes, I'm breaking the law. But I'm giving them a plug- so I figure we're at least even.

Where was I? Oh yes- the Bjorn will serve you well until you reach about 17 lbs (which if you are my blessed son means approximately 2 months of age). Then you'll need to call in for reinforcements....

After months of searching- I have found it: The Ergo

As you can see from this picture, it allows you to carry the heavy not-quite-babies-but-still-my-baby on your back. Up to 40 lbs to be exact! I've even heard it's been lab tested up to 90lbs. But why anyone would carry a 12 year old is beyond me.

Anyway, it allows back carrying (yeah! Free hands!) or front. Both are comfy thanks to that hip belt that distributes the weight on your luscious child-bearing hips- and not on your tense shoulders!

In case you'd like more general information about babywearing at all- I recommend you go to here.  And I assure you, its not just for the crunchiest moms. Would I steer you wrong?

Stay sane,

Kris Cabe

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Baby Hipster

Well, it was time for Little Man's first real haircut. *sniff*

Oh don't misunderstand, he's had mama snips here and there- especially as his hair morphed into the skunk mullet. It had to be done. But once Little Man reached mobility (aka- walking) he has decided that sitting still for mama is sooooo last month. I had to call in reinforcements.

And you should be glad I did, because I've discovered my SaveMama tip of the day! For a 100% natural, pure and safe hairgel, you can't beat pure..... Aloe Vera Gel!

Who would have thought? But sure enough, my Aloe Vera left over from the summer is gonna get a lot of good use. Its gentle, contains no alcohol or other harsh chemicals, and doesn't cause his sweet babyhair to break.  A little water, a little aloe and a comb= the perfect faux-hawk (yes, you knew I had to do it.)

But tell me this isn't adorabe:

See, you can't do it, can you?

Maddox better watch out....

Stay Sane,

Kris Cabe

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